Maui Hawaii Cruise Port

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Lahaina Maui Cruise Port

Large cruise ships visiting Maui Hawaii must anchor in the bay off the town of Lahaina.  Passengers can then catch a tender boat from the ship to the picturesque Lahaina town center.

Lahaina is situated on the west coast of Maui.

Public Transportation

Port Shuttle

Because tenders arrive right in the heart of Lahaina, a port shuttle is not required.

Bus Service

Not required

Ferry Service

Ferry service operates between Lahaina Maui and the Island of Lanai.

Lahaina Maui Cruise Port
Maui Hawaii Cruise Port

Visitor Information

Lahaina Maui

Attractions in Lahaina include several museums, an Outlet Mall, numerous shops, restaurants and cafes.

For comprehensive visitor information, please visit

Map of the Lahaina Cruise Port

View map of Lahaina Maui.

View map of Maui Hawaii.

Weather in Maui

The weather in Lahaina Maui is hot and dry.  Daily high temperatures range from 82 Fahrenheit in winter to 88 in summer.  Most precipitation is received during the winter months.

Month Minimum Maximum Precipitation
Jan 64 82 3.0
Feb 64 82 2.2
Mar 65 83 1.5
April 66 84 0.8
May 67 85 0.4
June 69 86 0.1
July 70 87 0.1
Aug 71 88 0.2
Sept 71 88 0.3
Oct 70 87 1.0
Nov 68 85 1.5
Dec 66 83 2.5

Free Wi-Fi Service

Free Wi-Fi access is available at the outlet mall in Lahaina.


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