Honolulu Cruise Port

Guide to Cruise Ports and Terminals

Honolulu Cruise Port

There are two cruise terminals in Honolulu Hawaii, on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu.

The original cruise terminal is located at the iconic Aloha Tower in the heart of Honolulu.  It has welcomed cruise passengers to the island since the dawn of the modern cruise industry and was immortalized in old Elvis Presley movies.

The terminal is located at the foot of Bishop Street in the heart of Oahu's largest city.

The newer Honolulu Cruise Terminal, which is much larger, is called Terminal 2.  It is located between the Aloha Tower and Waikiki.

Public Transportation

Port Shuttle

Because the Honolulu Cruise port is located is the city centre, cruise passengers can easily access Honolulu's top tourist attractions on foot.  Some cruise lines offer free shuttle service to Waikiki Beach.

Bus Service

Local bus service is available from both Honolulu Cruise Terminals to Waikiki Beach.  It is inexpensive and runs frequently.

For those wishing to spend a day visiting the Pearl Harbor attractions, bus service also connects downtown Honolulu to that harbor.

Oahu Tower and Cruise Terminal
Oloha Tower and Cruise Port, Honolulu

Visitor Information

Honolulu and Oahu Island

The Oahu Travel Guide provides comprehensive tourist information regarding attractions in downtown Honolulu, Pearl Harbor and elsewhere on the Island of Oahu.  It is mobile-friendly and can be accessed on any smartphone or tablet computer.

Waikiki Beach

The Waikiki Beach Guide contains detailed information on the Waikiki Beach resort area.  It is also mobile-friendly.

Map of Honolulu Cruise Port

View map of the original Honolulu Cruise Terminal.

View map of the Honolulu Pier 2 Cruise Terminal.

Weather in Honolulu Hawaii

Average temperatures by month in Honolulu are as follows:

Month Minimum Maximum Rain Days
Jan 21 26 10
April 20 28 9
July 23 31 7
Oct 22 30 9

Free Wi-Fi Service

Free Wi-Fi access is available at all Starbucks and McDonald's restaurants on the island of Oahu.

There is no Wi-Fi service at either of the cruise ports.


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