Venice Cruise Port

Guide to Cruise Ports and Terminals

Venice Cruise Port

The city of Venice is one of Europe's top cruise ports.  Many Mediterranean cruises either begin from or terminate at Venice.

Fortunately, the Port of Venice is located at the perimeter of the Venetian archipelago, so access to local attractions for cruise passengers is relatively easy.

Venice Italy Cruise Ship Terminal
Cruise Terminal, Venice Italy

Public Transportation

Metro Service

Venice is comprised of a series of offshore island.  Consequently there is no metro service available.  There is, however, a light rail service that transfers cruised passengers from the Port of Venice to Piazzale Roma, where the central bus station is located.

From Piazzale Roma, one can enjoy a long but pleasant walk along the canals to San Marco Square.

Bus Service

Bus service is available to the Italian mainland, but not to the heart of Venice, which is located on the Venetian archipelago.

Ferry Service

Commuter ferry boats called "Vaporetto" operate throughout the Venetian Islands.  The closest ferry terminal to the cruise port is called San Basilio.

Ferry service is sometimes available directly from the Venice Cruise Port.

Visitor Information

Venice Italy

Top tourist attractions in Venice Italy are San Marco Square, the Rialto Bridge, Doge's Palace and the San Marco Basilica.

Tourist Information: Venice Italy Travel Guide.

Bologna Italy

Bologna Italy is located 154 kilometers southeast of Venice.  For cruise passengers who have previously visited Venice, Bologna is worth visiting.

High-speed trains run between the Venice-Mestre station (on the mainland) and Bologna.

Tourist Information: Bologna Travel Guide

Map of Venice Cruise Port

Most cruise ships dock at the Stazione Marittima, which is located at the western end of the Venetian archipelago, not far from the Santa Lucia Train Station.

There is also a supplementary ports (used for smaller ships) called "Santa Marta" and "San Basilo".  It is located southeast of the main port.

View map of the Venice Cruise Port.

Italian Currency

The Euro is used in Italy.

Weather in Venice Italy

Average daily temperatures in Venice are as follows:

Month Minimum Maximum Precipitation
May 13 21 6.6
June 16 25 7.8
July 18 28 6.3
Aug 18 28 6.4
Sept 14 24 7.2
Oct 10 18 7.3

Free Wifi Services

Free Wifi Internet access is available at cafes and restaurants throughout Venice.

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