Messina Cruise Port

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Messina Cruise Port

The Messina cruise ship terminal is located at the Port of Messina on the Italian island of Sicily.

Messina Cruise Port, Sicily Italy
Port of Messina, Italy

Public Transportation

Train Service

There are two train stations in Messina: Messina Marittima and Messina Centrale.  Messina Centrale is located in Piazza della Repubblic.

Trains from Messina to Taormina-Giardini stop at both Messina stations and depart approximately every hour.  The scenic journey takes approximately one hour.  A return ticket costs 10 euro.

Please visit the Trenitalia website for current cost and schedule information.

Bus Service

Bus service is available from Messina to Taormina, however, due to frequent stops along the way, the duration of the trip is nearly two hours.

The Messina central bus station is located next to the the Messina Centrale train station in Piazza della Repubblic.

Bus schedules are available online.

Visitor Information

Messina Italy

Top attractions in this port city include the cathedral (Duomo), the museum and the astronomical clock in the bell tower.

Messina is a port town and of little interest.  Many cruise passengers enjoy excursions to Taormina or Mount Etna.  It is a good idea book an excursion prior to arriving in Messina.

Taormina, Italy

The resort town of Taormina is located on a hilltop approximately 25 miles southwest of Messina.  It is accessible by train and bus from Messina.

Check out the amphitheater when you are in town.  Enjoy the view of nearby Mount Etna.  The pedestrian-friendly town is also great for shopping (Corso Umberto street).

Mount Etna

Mount Etna is a huge volcano located 40 miles southwest of Messina.

Due to the distance to the mountain from the Port of Messina, it is advisable to join an excursion at your ship.

Map of Messina Cruise Port

View map of the Messina Cruise Terminal

Italian Currency

The Euro is used in Italy.

Weather in Messina

Average daily temperatures in Messina Italy are as follows:

Month Minimum Maximum Precipitation
May 15 23 3.3
June 20 27 1.2
July 23 30 2.0
Aug 24 31 2.5
Sept 21 27 6.3
Oct 17 23 11.3

Free Wifi Service

Free Wifi Service is available at cafes and restaurants in Messina Italy.


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