Livorno Cruise Port

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Livorno Cruise Port

Livorno is an important seaport on the northwest coast of Italy.  Although the city itself has few tourist attractions, Livorno is the gateway port for the following Italian cities:  Florence, Pisa and Lucca.

Port of Livorno in Italy
Port of Livorno, Italy

Public Transportation

Port Shuttle Service

Ask your cruise representative if the cruise line offers shuttle service to either the Livorno town centre or to the Livorno Central Train Station.

Metro Service

Livorno does not have a metro sytem.

Bus/Coach Service

Local bus service runs from Piazza Giuseppe Micheli in downtown Livorno.

Train Service

The central train station in Livorno is situated quite far from the cruise port.  Consequently, you'll need to walk to Piazza Giuseppe Micheli (at the end of Grand Via) and take bus #1 or bus #1R to the train station.

A second class train ticket from Livorno Central Train Station to Florence costs around 7 euro and takes approximately 1.5 hours.

The cities of Pisa and Lucca, however, are nearer to Livorno.

Please visit the Trenitalia website for current cost and train schedule information.

Ferry Service

Livorno is an important ferry terminal for destinations in France (Bastia, Vecchio), Spain (Barcelona) and the offshore Italian islands.

Ferries leave from the Port of Livorno, not far from the Genoa cruise ship terminal.

Visitor Information

Livorno Italy

Although the city of Livorno does not have many tourist attractions, it is a pleasant community to explore.

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Florence Italy

Florence is certainly one of the most beautiful and interesting cities to visit in all of Europe.  Unfortunately, it is located approximately 75 miles from Livorno and the Livorno Central Train Station is situated far from the cruise port.

Although it might be feasible to purchase a ship-sponsored tour directly from your cruise ship, it will certainly cost a lot of money.  You'll also have very little time in Florence after the long drive.

Consequently, we recommend that you not do a day-excursion to Florence from Livorno.  Instead we recommend that you visit Florence either before or after your cruise and spend at least two full days in the city.  You won't regret it!

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Pisa Italy

The city of Pisa is certainly well within striking distance of the Port of Livorno.  Top attractions include its famous leaning tower, the Pisa Cathedral, and Field of Miracles.

You can reach Pisa by train from the Livorno Central Train Station.

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Lucca Italy

Lucca is another beautiful community in Tuscany and well worth visiting.  It is located a little further from Livorno than Pisa, but much closer than Florence.

 You can reach Lucca by train from the Livorno Central Train Station.

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Map of Livorno Cruise Port

View map of the Livorno Cruise Port.


The currency used in Italy is the Euro.

Weather in Livorno

Average daily temperatures in Livorno Italy are as follows:

Month Minimum Maximum Precipitation
May 12 23 58
June 15 27 39
July 18 30 25
Aug 19 30 57
Sept 15 26 123
Oct 12 21 149

Free Wifi Service

Free WiFi access is available at the McDonalds restaurant in downtown Livorno.


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