Port of Saint John NB

Guide to Cruise Ports and Terminals

Saint John NB Cruise Port

The cruise port in Saint John, New Brunswick, is conveniently located near the city centre.

There are two main cruise terminals in St John.  They are located two city blocks apart.  The terminals are:

  1. Marco Polo Cruise Terminal
  2. Diamond Jubilee Terminal

On occasion, when three or more cruise ships are in town, Long Wharf Terminal is used.  It is located a little further from the downtown area.

Public Transportation

Port Shuttle

Not required

Bus Service

Visit Saint John NB website for transit maps, schedules and fares.

Saint John Cruise Port, New Brunswick
Saint John Cruise Port, New Brunswick

Visitor Information

Saint John, New Brunswick

Top tourist attractions in Saint John include the following:

  • Loyalist House Museum
  • Market Square
  • New Brunswick Museum
  • Saint John City Market
  • Reversing Falls

Map of Saint John Cruise Port

View map of the Saint John Cruise Port.

Local Currency

The Canadian dollar is used in New Brunswick and across Canada.  US currency is accepted by some retailers and restaurants.

Weather in Saint John NB

Average monthly temperatures and precipitation amounts (mm) in Saint John New Brunswick are as follows:

Month Minimum Maximum Precipitation
May 2 10 98
June 6 16 85
July 11 20 75
Aug 11 20 113
Sept 8 16 107
Oct 4 11 136

Free Wifi Service

Free Wifi service is available in the Marco Polo terminal and at Saint John Regional Library.

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