St. Petersburg Russia

Guide to Cruise Ports and Terminals

St. Petersburg Cruise Port

There are three facilities for cruise ships in St. Petersburg Russia.  They are:

  1. English Embankment Dock (for small ships)
  2. Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment Dock (for small ships)
  3. Passenger Port of Saint Petersburg (for all other ships)

The first two facilities are located near the city centre.

The new Passenger Port of Saint Petersburg is a massive facility consisting of 7 berths and 4 cruise terminals. It is sometimes called the St. Peterburg's Sea Facade.

Visit the Passenger Port of Saint Petersburg website to determine where your cruise ship will be docked.

Public Transportation

Port Shuttle


Bus Service

There is a bus stop situated at each of the four cruise terminals at the Passenger Port of Saint Petersburg.

Bus #158 departs every 30 minutes and travels to the nearest metro station which is called “Primorskaya” (“Приморская”).  From there, you can travel anywhere you like.

Depending on your citizenship, independent travel in travel often requires a visa which must be obtained in your own country.  Hence, many cruise passengers prefer taking tours organized by their cruiseline.

Taxi Service

Taxi service is available at the port, however, traffic in St. Petersburg is often very busy.

St. Petersburg Cruise Port, Russia
Passenger Port of St. Petersburg, Russia

Visitor Information

St. Petersburg, Russia

There are many popular attractions in this beautiful city. They include the following:

  • Hermitage Museum
  • St. Isaac's Cathedral
  • Russian Museum
  • Peter and Paul Fortress
  • St. Nicholas Church
  • Peter's Summer Palace
  • Catherine's Palace
  • Nevsky Prospekt (main shopping street)

Many visitors enjoying touring St. Petersburg on a canal boat.

Map of Cruise Ports

Map of English Embankment Dock

Map of Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment Dock

Map of the Passenger Port of St. Petersburg

Russian Currency

The official currency of Russia is the ruble.

Weather in St. Petersburg

The best time of year to visit St. Petersburg Russia is from May until September.

Average daily temperatures in celcius are as follows:

Month Minimum Maximum Precipitation
Jan -9 -2 40
Feb -9 -2 30
Mar -5 1 40
April 1 8 30
May 7 16 40
June 11 20 60
July 14 22 70
Aug 12 20 90
Sept 8 14 60
Oct 4 8 100
Nov -1 2 80
Dec -7 -3 50

Free Wifi Service

There is no Wifi available at the port.


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