Skagen Denmark

Guide to Cruise Ports and Terminals

Skagen Denmark Cruise Port

Small cruise ships are able to berth within walking distance of the Skagen city centre.

Large cruise ships, however, must drop anchor.  Passengers are then tendered to shore.

Public Transportation

Port Shuttle

A free shuttle service is available to transport cruise passengers from the cruise quays to the inner town.

Skagen Cruise Terminal, Skagen Denmark
Skagen Cruise Terminal, Denmark

Visitor Information

Skagen Denmark

Skagen Denmark is a pedestrian-friendly city located at the most northerly point both in Denmark and in continental Europe.  It is located between the Baltic and North Seas.

This picturesque fishing community features homes with red-tiled roofs and stunning scenery.  The community has been home to many famous painters and writers including Hans Christian Andersen.

Top attractions in the city include art galleries, handicraft shops and sandy beaches.  The Skagen Museum is home to some 1,800 works of art, including many by the famous Skagen painters.

Map of Skagen Denmark Cruise Port

View map of the Skagen Cruise Port (Skagen Havn)

Denmark Currency

The official currency in Denmark is the Danish Kroner, however, the Euro is widely used.

Weather in Skagen Denmark

Skagen enjoy a cool, moist climate with precipitation distributed quite evenly throughout the year.

Month Minimum Maximum Precipitation
Jan 0 3 52
Feb -1 3 32
Mar 1 5 40
April 3 9 34
May 8 14 44
June 11 17 54
July 13 20 48
Aug 14 19 62
Sept 11 16 76
Oct 7 12 76
Nov 4 8 66
Dec 1 5 59

Free Wifi Service

Free Wifi is available at the Skagen Cruise Terminal.

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