Copenhagen Denmark

Guide to Cruise Ports and Terminals

Copenhagen Denmark Cruise Port

There are three cruise terminals in Copenhagen Denmark:  They are:

  1. Langelinie Quay - handles smaller, visiting cruise ships
  2. Nordre Toldbod - handles most visiting cruise ships and ferries
  3. Ocean Quay (Oceankaj) - handles most "turnaround" cruises

Passengers can walk to the Osterport Station (S-Train) from either Langelinie Quay or Nordre Toldbod in 15 minutes. Alternatively, one can walk to the city centre from either facility in 30 minutes.

The Ocean Quay (Oceankajen) port, however, is 8 km north of the city centre.

Public Transportation

Port Shuttle

Some cruise ships provide shuttle service from the Oceankaj terminal to downtown (St Peter's Church).

Transit Service

The cost of transit tickets depends on the distance travelled.  Tickets must be purchased online or at a station.

The following buses connect each of the cruise terminal to the city centre:

  1. Langelinie Quay - bus #26 to central Copenhagen
  2. Nordre Toldbod - bus #26 to central Copenhagen
  3. Ocean Quay (Oceankaj) - Bus #25 or #27 with transfer at Østerport Station (S-Train station)

Train Service

The main station is Copenhagen is Copenhagen Central Station.

Cruise Port in Copenhagen Denmark
Cruise Port, Copenhagen Denmark

Visitor Information

Copenhagen Denmark

Top tourist attractions in Copenhagen are the following:

  • Tivoli Garden (amusement park)
  • National Museum (history museum)
  • Rosenborg Castle and Treasury
  • Christiania (district)
  • Christiansborg Palace
  • Museum of Dutch Resistance

Map of Copenhagen Cruise Ports

Map of Langelinie Quay Cruise Terminal (Terminals 1, 2, 3)

Map of Nordre Toldbod Cruise Terminal

Map of Ocean Quay Cruise Terminal (Oceankaj) - handles most "turnaround" cruises

Danish Currency

The official currency in Denmark is the Danish kroner.  Many establishments, however, accept the euro.

Weather in Copenhagen

The average daily temperatures in Celsius are as follows:

Month Minimum Maximum Precipitation
Jan -2 2 40
Feb -3 4 20
Mar 0 5 40
April 2 10 30
May 7 16 40
June 11 19 60
July 13 21 60
Aug 12 21 60
Sept 10 17 60
Oct 7 12 50
Nov 3 7 60
Dec 0 4 50

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