Dunedin Cruise Port

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Dunedin New Zealand Cruise Port

Dunedin NZ is located on the east coast of New Zealand's South Island.  It is a city of 130,000 residents and a popular port-of-call for cruise passengers.

Most cruise ships dock at the Port Otago Cruise Terminal at Port Chalmers (a suburb of Dunedin).  It is approximately 15 km northeast of the Dunedin city centre (the "Octagon").

Small ships can, however, dock at a wharf right in Dunedin.  It is located just 1 km from the city centre.

Visit the Port Otago website to determine where your ship is to dock.

Public Transportation

Port Shuttle

A shuttle bus service runs between the Port Chalmers and downtown Dunedin. Travel time is approximately 30 minutes and the fare is NZ$20 return.

Bus Service

City bus stops are situated on the main street of Port Chalmers, 100 meters from the berths. The #14 bus departs approximately every 20-30 minutes weekdays and hourly on weekends.  The fare is about $5.00 each way. See bus schedule for details.

Taxi Service

The taxi fare between the Port Chalmers and Dunedin is approximately NZ$45.

Dunedin New Zealand
Dunedin, New Zealand

Visitor Information

Port Calmers

Attractions in this small town include heritage buildings, a Maritime Museum and a few shops and restaurants


Dunedin is a picturesque town that resembles Edinburgh Scotland. Top attractions in the city include Larnach Castle, George Street and Princess Street.

Map of the Dunedin Cruise Port

View map of the Ortago Cruise Port, approximately 15 km from Dunedin New Zealand.

New Zealand Currency

The currency used throughout the country is the New Zealand dollar.

Weather in Dunedin, New Zealand

Average daily temperatures by month in Dunedin area as follows:

Month Maximum Minimum Precipitation
Jan 19 11 74
Feb 19 11 61
Mar 18 10 78
April 16 7 65
May 13 5 71
June 10 3 63
July 9 2 62
Aug 11 3 56
Sept 13 5 48
Oct 15 7 61
Nov 16 8 64
Dec 18 10 72

Free Wifi Service

Free Wi-Fi is available is available in the cruise terminal building at Port Otago and at the public library in Dunedin.

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