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Toulon France Cruise Port

The city of Toulon is located on the south coast of France in a region called Provence Cote d'Azur. It is situated 65 km (50 minutes) southeast of Marseille and 150 km southwest of Nice France. The population of Toulon is approximately 165,000.

The port used by most large cruise ships that visit Toulon is located across the bay from the city in a town called La Seyne-sur-Mer, approximately 10 km away. Ships dock at the Mole d'Armement dock (near Russo Yachting).

A new cruise terminal building was opened in La Seyne-sur-Mer in 2016.  It has a few souvenir shops and free WiFi service.

Small cruise ships can dock at Quay Fournel pier at the Port of Toulon near the Toulon city centre.

Public Transportation

Port Shuttle 

A shuttle bus service provided by the cruise ships runs from the Seyne-sur-Mer cruise terminal to the centre of Toulon.  The bus, which is sometimes provided free, departs every 20 minutes and takes 20 minutes in duration.

Bus Service

Public bus service (lines 8 or 18) operates between the cruise port and Toulon city centre.

Ferry Service

A passenger ferry service (Line 8M) operates between the town of La Seyne-sur-Mer and Toulon city centre (Espace Marine) every 30 minutes. Passengers can walk to the ferry port from the cruise port in about 8 minutes.  It is located on the far side of Russo Yachting.  Sailing time to Toulon city centre is about 10 minutes.  Tickets cost 2 euro per trip.

Note: A day pass for unlimited boat, bus and cable car travel costs 6 euro.

City Tours

A tourist train called "Le Petit Train d Toulon" operates in Toulon.  There are two routes, each of which cost 6 euro.

Cruise Port of Toulon, France (La Seyne-sur-Mer)
Toulon France Cruise Port (La Seyne-sur-Mer) 

Visitor Information

Toulon France

City landmarks and popular tourist attractions in Toulon include the following:

  • Cable car to the summit of Mount Le Faron
  • Maritime Museum
  • Old Medieval Quarter
  • Opera Building
  • Provencal Street Market (open mornings)
  • Seaside pedestrian promenade
  • Toulon Art Museum
  • Toulon Marina
  • World War II Museum

Map of Toulon Cruise Port

The port used for large cruise ships is located in La Seyne-sur-Mer.  View map.

Local Currency

The currency used in France is the euro.

Weather in Toulon France

Toulon enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate.  Average temperatures and precipitation amounts by month are as follows.

Month Minimum Maximum Precipitation
Jan 6 13 83
Feb 6 14 70
Mar 8 16 49
April 10 18 66
May 14 22 43
June 17 26 29
July 20 30 7
Aug 20 20 30
Sept 17 26 56
Oct 14 21 108
Nov 10 16 73
Dec 7 14 71

Free Wifi Service

Free WiFi service is available at the Seyne-sur-Mer cruise terminal.


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