Port of Ajaccio

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Ajaccio Corsica Cruise Port

Ajaccio is the capital and largest city on the French island of Corsica.  It is located 390 km southeast of Marseille and has a population of 71,000 inhabitants.

The cruise port terminal is called Gare Maritime. It is located at Quai L’Herminier which can be found between the ferry terminal and the fishing port.  The main attractions in Ajaccio can be found within walking distance of the cruise terminal.

Upon leaving the terminal, cruise passengers can access the city centre by turning turn left and then walking approximately 500 meters.

Ajaccio is also a tender port.  Some cruise ships must anchor in the harbour.  Passengers are then transported by tender boats to the pier.

Public Transportation

Port Shuttle

Not required.

Tour Buses

Tourist Train (Petit Train d'Ajaccio)

Double Decker Tour Bus (Ajaccio Vision)

Bus Service

The city of Ajaccio operates some 21 urban bus routes.

Ferry Service

Ferry service operates frequently from Ajaccio to the following destinations: Marseille, Nice and Toulon France.  There are also less frequent connections to Livorno Italy and Sardinia.

Port of Ajaccio Corsica (France)
Port of Ajaccio Corsica

Visitor Information

Ajaccio Corsica

Top attractions, museums and city landmarks in Ajaccio include the following:

  • Ajaccio City Hall (Hôtel de Ville)
  • Anglican Church
  • Bandera Museum (history of Corsica)
  • Casino Municipal
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta
  • Citadel of Ajaccio
  • Cours Napoléon (main shopping street)
  • Crest Trail (Sentier des Crêtes)
  • Grand Hotel Continental
  • Fesch Museum (Italian paintings)
  • Fesch Palace
  • Genoese Towers
  • Market (Marché d'Ajaccio)
  • Municipal Library
  • Napoleon Bonaparte's House
  • Napoleonic Museum
  • Old Town
  • Plage Saint Francois (beach)
  • Plage Milot (beach)
  • Plage Trottel (beach)
  • Pierre Giffi Square
  • Place d'Austerlitz and Grotte Napoleon (1.5 km from port)
  • Place Bonaparte
  • Place Foch (city square on the harbour)
  • Place de Gaulle (vast central square)
  • Route des Sanguinaires (cinemas, bars, clubs etc.)
  • Sanguinaires Islands (entrance to the Gulf of Ajaccio)
  • Saint François Beach
  • Statue of Napoleon
  • Tourist Train (Petit Train d'Ajaccio)
  • Waterfront Promenade

Map of the Ajaccio Cruise Port

View map of the Ajaccio Cruise Port. (Gare Maritime d'Ajaccio)

France Currency

The currency used in Corsica is the Euro.

Weather in Ajaccio France

The city of Ajaccio enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine.  Average monthly temperatures in Celcius and precipitation amounts are listed below.

Month Minimum Maximum Precipitation
Jan 5 14 54
Feb 4 14 48
Mar 6 16 50
April 8 18 53
May 12 22 49
June 15 26 26
July 18 29 9
Aug 18 29 16
Sept 15 26 58
Oct 13 22 86
Nov 9 18 112
Dec 6 15 74

Free Wifi Service

Wifi access may be available at the public library (Biblioteque Municipale) located near the cruise terminal. TBD


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