Port of Nice France

Guide to Cruise Ports and Terminals

Nice France Cruise Port

The cruise port in Nice France is located on the eastern edge of town, just east of Castle Hill.  There are two terminals:

  • Terminal 1 - on the east side of the harbor
  • Terminal 2 - of the west side of the harbor

From the port entrance, one can walk around Castle Hill to Nice's Old Town in about 15 minutes.

Public Transportation

Port Shuttle

A free shuttle service transports passengers from cruise ships to the city square at the port entrance called Place Ile de Beauté (or simply Place du Port).

Alternatively, cruise passengers can enjoy a 10 minute walk to this city square.

Bus/Tram Service

Both bus and tram service is available from the Port of Nice (Place du Port) westwards to downtown Nice.  Bus tickets are 1 euro per trip.

Bus service is also available eastwards to VilleFranche and Monaco.

Hop-on Hop-off Bus Service

The hoho bus in Nice is called "Le Grand Tour Bus".  There is a bus stop conveniently located at Place du Port next to the port.

Nice France Cruise Port
Nice France Cruise Port

Visitor Information

Nice France

Top attractions in Nice include the Old City (Vieux Nice), the seaside promenade, Chagall Museum, Matisse Museum (free) and Castle Hill.

Access the Nice France Vacation Guide for comprehensive tourist information.

Map of Nice France Cruise Port

View map of the Port of Nice France.

France Currency

The official currency of France is the euro.

Weather in Nice France

Nice France enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate.  The average daily temperatures in Celsius are as follows:

Month Minimum Maximum Precipitation
Jan 5 13 70
Feb 6 13 70
Mar 8 15 70
April 10 16 70
May 13 20 50
June 17 23 40
July 20 27 10
Aug 20 27 20
Sept 18 25 90
Oct 14 21 140
Nov 9 16 110
Dec 6 14 70

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