Port of Grenada

Guide to Cruise Ports and Terminals

Grenada Cruise Port

The cruise ship port in Grenada is located in the town of St. George's.  Most cruise ships visiting Grenada dock at the Melville Street Cruise Terminal.  It is located in downtown St. Georges's.

Public Transportation

Port Shuttle

Because the Melville Street Cruise Terminal is located in the heart of the city, one does not need to catch a port shuttle.

Bus Service

The St. George's Bus Terminal is located on Melville Street, three blocks just north of the Cruise Ship Terminal.

Taxi Service

Taxis are plentiful around the cruise port and in the town of St. Georges.  Fares are set by the government.  A taxi ride to Grand Anse Beach will put you back approximately #10

Water Taxi Service

A water taxi service  operates between the Carenage and Grand Anse. A one-way fare costs $4.

St. George's Grenada as seen from Cruise Port
St. George's Grenada Cruise Port

Visitor Information

St. George's

St. George's is considered by many to be the most picturesque port in the entire Caribbean.  It features lush mountainous terrain and interesting colonial architecture.

The Grenada National Museum is a good place to visit to learn about the island's history and culture.

Other popular attractions include:

  • Market Square (operates each morning)
  • Fort George (great view over the city and its harbor!)
  • Fort Frederick (nice view of the green hills north and east of the city
  • Several attractive churches
  • Grand Anse Beach (location of many resort hotels, south of city)

Island of Grenada

Visitors will enjoy the aroma of spice trees as they explore the island of Grenada.  They include nutmeg, cloves, ginger and cinnamon.

The extinct volcanoes in the Grand Etang Forest Reserve are popular tourist attractions on the island.  Visitors will enjoy amazing vegetation and an assortment of birds around the lake in the reserve.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular activities on the west side of the island where there is an offshore reef and shipwreck.

Guide tours are available of local rum distilleries and spice estates.

Map of Grenada's Cruise Port

View map of the Melville Street Cruise Terminal.

Grenada Currency

The official currency in Grenada is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD).  The US dollar, traveller's checks and credit cards are, however, widely accepted.

Weather in Grenada

Average daily temperatures in Grenada are as follows:

Month Minimum Maximum Precipitation
Jan 24 29 140 mm
April 25 30 95 mm
July 26 31 260 mm
Oct 25 31 245 mm

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