Puerto Vallarta Port

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Puerto Vallarta Cruise Port

The cruise port in Puerto Vallarta is located at the Terminal Maritimo in the Maritina area of town. It is situated  approximately 3 miles north of the city centre (Centro).  It can accommodate up to three full-sized cruise ships.

The cruise terminal has a number of services for passengers including taxis, rental cares, ATMs, a currency exchange kiosk, handicraft market, restaurants and a cybercafé. Tickets can be purchased at the office for boat tours around the bay.

Located directly across the street from the port, is a Walmart, Sams Club and a large air-conditioned mall.

Public Transportation

Port Shuttle

Not available

Bus Service

Bus service is available from the cruise port to town (Centro) for USD $0.50. The bus stop is near Sams/Walmart.

Buses depart for Centro every 10 minutes or so.  Passengers should disembark at the Malec√≥n, the 12-block, mile-long esplanade in downtown Puerto Vallarta.  Bus fares are approximately 12 pesos.

Puerto Vallarta Cruise Port, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta Cruise Terminal

Visitor Information

Puerto Vallarta

Top tourist attractions in Puerto Vallarta are the following:

  1. Viejo Vallarta (the "Old Town")
  2. Isla Rio Cuale (island in the river)
  3. Botanical Garden
  4. Waterfront Boardwalk (Malecon)
  5. Marina Vallarta (hotels, malls, golf course)
  6. Playa de los Muertos (Dead Men's Beach)

Map of Puerto Vallarta Cruise Port

View map of the Puerto Vallarta Cruise Port (Terminal Maritimo)

Mexico Currency

The peso is the currency used in Mexico. There are approximately 15 pesos to one US dollar.

Almost all shops, vendors and taxis in town will take U.S. dollars, but the cost of your purchase will be greater. 

Because the currency symbol for the peso is the same one used for the dollar, make sure to clarify the currency prior to making purchases.

Weather in Puerto Vallarta

The weather in Puerto Vallarta is warm and pleasant with average daily highs ranging from 29 celcius in winter to 33 in summer.

Average daily temperatures by month are as follows:

Month Minimum Maximum Precipitation
Jan 14 29 23 mm
Feb 14 29 10 mm
Mar 14 30 7 mm
April 16 32 5 mm
May 18 33 9 mm
June 21 33 183 mm
July 21 33 336 mm
Aug 21 33 350 mm
Sept 21 32 358 mm
Oct 20 32 131 mm
Nov 18 31 22 mm
Dec 15 30 25 mm

Free Wifi Service

Free WiFi is available at McDonalds Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta and at Starbucks.

There is a McDonalds in the shopping mall located next to Walmart (across from the cruise port).  Another is located across from the beach in the city centre (across from Hotel Rosita and the WinPalace Casino).

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