Mazatlan Cruise Port

Guide to Cruise Ports and Terminals

Mazatlan Cruise Port

The cruise ship dock in Mazatlan is located in the commercial port area.

From the modern new cruise terminal, passengers can walk to the "Old Town" by simply following the blue-lined cobblestone walkway for one mile.  It is a pleasant walk through an attractive residential district.

Public Transportation

Port Shuttle

A free tram shuffles passengers from cruise ships to the cruise terminal.  Passengers can then walk one mile to "Old Mazatlan".

The "Golden Zone" hotel resort and beach district is about four miles from the cruise port.

Bus Service

There are at least six different bus routes in Mazatlan.

Taxis and "Pulmonia"

Inexpensive taxis and open-air vehicles will shuttle passengers from the cruise terminal to either "Old Mazatlan" or the "Golden Zone"

Mazatlan Mexico
Mazatlan Mexico

Visitor Information

Mazatlan Mexico

Top tourist attractions in Mazatlan are the following:

  • Waterfront beach promenade (Malecon)
  • Cero de la Neveria (spectacular view of city)
  • Mazatlan "Old Town" (follow the blue-lined walkway from cruise terminal)
  • The "Golden Zone" hotel strip (Zona Dorada)
  • Playa Las Gaviotas (beach in Zona Dorado)
  • Playa Camaron (beach in Zona Dorado)
  • Playa Olas Altas (beach near the "Old City")
  • Teatro Angela Peralta (theatre in the "Old Town")
  • Mercado Central (central market in the 'Old Town"
  • Cathedral (Neo-Gothic exterior, Baroque interior)
  • Acuario Mazatlan (Mexico's largest aquarium)
  • Iglesia de San Jose (oldest church in Mazatlan)
  • Isla de la Piedra (tourist resort and beaches)
  • Offshore Islands (Venados, Lobos and Pajaros) - wildlife (accessible on small, inexpensive boats)
  • Mazatlan Carnival (third largest in the world)

Map of Mazatlan Cruise Port

View map of the Mazatlan Cruise Port

Mexico Currency

The currency in Mexico is the Peso.

Weather in Mazatlan

The weather in Mazatlan is pleasant all-year round.  Average daily highs range from 25 celcius in January to 32 during the summer months.

Most precipitation falls during the summer months.

Month Minimum Maximum Precipitation
Jan 15 25 10 mm
Feb 15 25 10 mm
Mar 16 26 10 mm
April 18 27 10 mm
May 20 29 10 mm
June 25 31 70 mm
July 25 32 130 mm
Aug 25 32 200 mm
Sept 25 32 150 mm
Oct 24 32 50 mm
Nov 19 29 10 mm
Dec 16 26 10 mm

Free Wifi Service

Free internet access is available at Starbucks and the Purple Onion in Mazatlan.


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