Rockland Cruise Port

Guide to Cruise Ports and Terminals

Rockland Maine Cruise Port

Rockland Maine is a tender port for large cruise ships.  Passengers are shuttled from their ship by tender boat to the city's downtown area.

Smaller cruise ships, however, are able to dock in town.

Public Transportation

Port Shuttle

Cruise passengers arriving by tender boat won't require a port shuttle.

Bus Service


Cruise Ship Terminal

Visitor Information

Rockland Maine

Rockland ME is home to a picturesque harbor and waterfront. It is a quaint fishing town and home to the Rockland Lobster Festival each summer.

Top attractions in the community include the following:

Map of the Rockland Maine Cruise Port

View map of Rockland Maine.

Weather in Rockand ME

Average daily temperatures by month in Rockland Maine are as follows:

Month Minimum Maximum Precipitation
Jan 23 38 4.2
Feb 23 39 3.5
Mar 31 46 4.5
April 39 54 4.3
May 48 64 3.5
June 58 72 3.1
July 64 78 3.0
Aug 65 77 3.7
Sept 58 71 3.6
Oct 48 62 3.7
Nov 38 52 4.5
Dec 29 43 4.3

Free Wifi Service

Free Wifi service is available at many restaurants and cafes in Rockland Maine.

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